PET Bottles and HDPE Collection and Recycling

COBA Impact Manufacturing is the first company to launch a full scale Hot Wash Recycling plant for PET bottles and HDPE in Ethiopia. The plant started manufacturing PET flakes in May 2015. The machinery used is imported from Italy and is state of the art. The recycling capacity is of 500 kg per hour. The water filtration systems respect the European norms and ensure that the wastewater that is discharged is within the most demanding international standards.

This is a pioneering project for the company where its objective is to introduce the importance to recycle plastics for environmental conservation and introduce the numerous advantages renewable energy offers to communities.

A lot of effort has been done in introducing a plastic bottles collection system in Ethiopia. In the past two years over 1500 tons of PET bottles have been collected. The company’s aim is to invest in collection in order to achieve 1000 tons per month in 2016.

Process Color Size Application
Hot Wash Clear 12 mm PET Sheet- PolyesterFibers
Hot Wash Blue 12 mm PET Sheet- Polyester Fibers
Hot Wash Mixed Floral 12 mm PET Sheet- Polyester Fibers- Plastic Straps
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