HDPE Closures

HDPE Closures for Flat Water and Carbonated Soft Drinks

Also in February 2012, the company launched its production line of HDPE closures. The product range is a single piece 3.2 gram closure suitable for both flat water and carbonated water soft drinks as well as a 1.8 gr 30/25 for flat water. The machine is one of the best available in the world today in compression molding, a SACMI 24 cavity CCM with a production capacity of 21,000 closures per hour. As a further service, all closures are also offered with a logo printing option from a MOSS machine, another world leader in this sector.

In Q2 2014, a second line was launched doubling the actual capactiy and producing the 1881 Coca Cola single piece closure.

COBA Impact Manufacturing is the only company to offer such quality and variety of closures today making the company the market leader in Ethiopia with over 200 million closures produced between July 2014 and June 2015.

Closure type Weight Application
Single Piece 1810 3.2 gr CSD and Flat Water
Single Piece 30/25 1.8 gr Flat Water
Single Piece 1881 2.55 gr Coca Cola
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