July 2017 Legetafo PET Bottle Collection Center is Operational

14 August 2017

Coba Impact, is proud to announce the opening of the first collection center for PET bottles in Legetafo region of Addis Ababa, which is run and owned entirely by new local entrepreneurs.

The center is a result of Coba Impact’s initiative to select potential future entrepreneurs and introduce them to the world of plastics recycling by providing them with all the necessary tools to start up and run their businesses. COBA Impact provides through loans the start-up finances, the necessary machineries to press the bottles, training in administrative and managerial skills in order to ensure these ventures operate efficiently. Furthermore, in view of the recent collaboration between Coba Impact and Associazione Zenzero of Switzerland, the center will ensure that at least 75% of the employees consists of women.  Associazione Zenzero will actively participate to raise funds in Switzerland to assist with the sustainability of this initiative.

The Legetafo collection center will purchase post consume bottles, sort them and press them in to bales. Coba Impact will in turn purchase the products from the center for its PET hot washing plant thus creating a self sustainable activity.

The center is the first of 2 others scheduled to open in the coming months.

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