EABSC Delivered Training and awareness creation program for new recycling project beneficiaries

6 June 2015

EABSC delivered a one day Plastic Bottle Recycling Training for more than 750 women who are working at Lideta Sub-City Woreda 4 auditorium on June 2015. The training focused on equipping the trainees with the basic knowledge of recycling and develop their life and business skills.

The training was given by the EABSC trainers and officials from City Government Administration and woreda were attended. During the training, Ato Tadele Demeko, Deputy Manager for Addis Ababa Solid Waste Management Agency, said, the Recycling project which is introduced by the East Africa Bottling SC, can set an example for other organizations in terms of being environmentally conscious and responsible corporate businesses’. He added that the contribution that the project is bringing to the overall environment and women empowerment program is enormous.

Since the PET Recycling project inception in 2013, it has benefited more than 1,400 people from 108 associations of which more than 1,000 women. The project is currently taken as a best practice for other SABCO countries mainly due to its sustainability as the perpetual circle created where all the three key stakeholders involved keep on benefiting each other.

The project won’t stop here, the company aspires to work with all the 600 associations of the agency that comprises more than 6,000 members (of which more than 75% of them are women) and collect 100,000 KG of plastics per month by the year 2020.